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Dong Sung People chair is an environmentally conscious company, with an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 standards covering the whole lifecycle of our products. This includes the planning, manufacturing, sales, distribution, collection, disassembly and recycling of our products. To ensure environmental thinking is embedded as an everyday part of our activities, we also created what we call our Green Wave Activity program to promote environmentally responsible production.

Dong Sung Office Machinery Tools Co., Ltd. has always focused in manufacturing the comfortable and ergonomic office chairs with excellent quality.
As a new concept of maintaining the pleasant office environment through the unified harmonization of Human body and office chair, our company has upgraded the technology standard of office chair with the adoption of Glide Tilting Mechanism and Sliding Mechanism.
In addition to high quality control, we develop new design chair every year and won various kinds of design awards like "Good Design" and "Excellent Industrial Design Products" from Korean government.

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